Now quite a long time ago, somewhere around 2006., I realized that photography is much more than a hobby to me. Working as an assistant to other photographers, I realized that I want something different, that I want to tell stories through photos. I truly believe that every person is really good in something, doing and creating something with great passion. For me, that passion is photography. I become a different man because of it, a man who looks at the world with different eyes, a man who constantly searches for the bigger picture. My photos are a reflection of how I see things, they are an extension of my thoughts. Therefore, if you noticed and felt a special relations and moments between the people on my photos, it’s very likely that we will do this together. And that’s the place where the real story begins.

What it looks like at the wedding?
I’m pretty unnoticeable
Standing and watching
Walking around
Observing what is happening around me
Capturing the moments and emotions
Recording real moments, without interference with your plans
Simply standing a side and letting you have fun without noticing me, with one reason only.
To give you photos, in which you will see a true self in that important moments in your life.

Wedding is a big day for all newlyweds, and hardly anyone wants to pose the whole day to have great photos. So let me be what I am, a silent witness of your day, who will tell your story trough the photos…