March 5, 2017

Wedding in Korčula


Wedding in Korčula

Korčula is well known Croatian Island, mostly known as a birthplace of Marco Polo. Korčula town is the main town on the island, with numerous monuments, old buildings and towers. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea it is a perfect choice for wedding day. So, when Sanja and Miran told me that they choose me for their wedding photographer, I was more than excited. Because wedding in Korčula is really something. It was mid of September and despite the sun and a lot’s of tourists, you could feel in the air that summer is coming to an end. In September is usually mostly still sunny, but not so hot and it is often windy like it was that day. Sanja and Miran started they day so calm, that if I didn’t know that this was their wedding day, I would never guess. People arrived from entire Europe, and lots of them didn’t see each other for a long time. So there was a lots of hugs, smiles and happy tiers. As Korčula is not so big island, wedding of Sanja and Miran was the main thing that weekend. Food was delicious, party was outstanding and my hosts Sanja and Miran were the best. Thank you guys for everything.


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