capturing moments

Katarina & Josip both have Croatian roots. Even though both of them live in Germany, the decision about their wedding location was simple, Croatia wedding. That Saturday was not like any other Saturday. On 7th of July, it was the wedding day for Katarina & Josip. For any other Croatian, it was a decision day, football game between Croatia and Russia. The weather that day was unpredictable, as well as a football game – some sun, some rain, and then sun again. The football game was like weather, goals on both sides and then penalties. All the time the wedding vibe and the atmosphere was very special and unique.

Location for this Croatian wedding was Žakanje, a place with untouched nature and unique for this part of Croatia. Pitoresque hills and summer sun was a definitely unique backdrop for a wedding shoot. Party was outstanding, intense and full of joy. In the end, Croatia won the game, people were happy, and the music stopped with the first rays of the morning sun. I know that all guests from Europe will remember this Croatian wedding as one big party. It was my honor to be able to record this historical wedding and keep a memory alive.