capturing moments



My name is Vlado and I enjoy to be a wedding photographer. I am a father to a beautiful girl and a baby boy.

I am passionate about color, light, composition and their infinite combinations; A journey of experiences and learning that allows me to continue falling in love with my work. I get inspired by photojournalism, but from a more artistic perspective. I like telling stories through my framing - the stories I’ve seen have brought me to tears, they’ve made me laugh, but what’s certain is that with every new story, I have new inspiration.

My other passion is traveling, which is what taught me to enjoy photography.
Early mornings are my favorite time of day, especially for hiking to a mountain top to catch a sunrise or to just enjoy the first morning coffee.


Natural light, European cinematography, Paintings, Different cultures

That’s what I will create for you, without fake poses or anything artificial, just you enjoying the day, laughing, that nervous excitement, capturing your true essence, and overall just being another set of eyes to catch the things that you may not see, and to look when you think no one is looking, noticing everything that’s happening around you – the smiles, the tears, the fun, the little details, on the whole, YOUR DAY.